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60+ Expert Physiotherapists for 200+ Conditions

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60+ Expert Physiotherapists for 200+ Conditions

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Meet Our Experts

Experience the Benefits of Advanced Technology and Expert Care

Dr Manasi Bane (PT)

Dr Manasi Bane (PT)

MPTh (Neuro Sciences)

18 years of experience

Back Pain
Knee Pain
Neck Pain
+4 more
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Dr. Mrudula Jadhav (PT)

Dr. Mrudula Jadhav (PT)

MSc (Sport Injury Management and Therapy)

15+ years of experience

Musculoskeletal Conditions
Sports Physiotherapy
Ankle Injury
+6 more
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Dr Kshama Mangal (PT)

Dr Kshama Mangal (PT)

M.Sc (Advanced Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Science)

13 years of experience

Sports Physiotherapy
Orthopedics Rehab
Shoulder Injury
+5 more
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Dr Jayashree Sonkusale (PT)

Dr Jayashree Sonkusale (PT)

MPTh (Musculoskeletal science)

12+ years of experience

Shoulder Rehabilitation
Hand Injury
Knee Rehabilitation
+5 more
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Dr Kriti khanna (PT)

Dr Kriti khanna (PT)

MPTh (Sports Injury)

12+ years of experience

Sports Physiotherapy
Ankle Injury
Orthopedics Rehab
+6 more
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Dr. Vindhya Chaganam (PT)

Dr. Vindhya Chaganam (PT)

MPTh (Neurology)

10+ years of experience

Chronic Lower Back Pain
Slip Disc
+8 more
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Dr Sheetal Lelani (PT)

Dr Sheetal Lelani (PT)

MPTh (Neuro-physiotherapy & Psychosomatic disorders)

10 years of experience

Joint Pain
Slip Disc
+4 more
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Dr Namita Singh (PT)

Dr Namita Singh (PT)

MPTh (Musculoskeletal)

8 years of experience

Knee Pain
Back Pain
Neck Pain
+5 more
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Meet Team

Our physiotherapists have the experience of working at India's Top Hospitals and are equipped with cutting-edge technology developed by a team of engineers from top institutes likeIIT Bombay, BITS Pilani, IIT Madras to provide Total Pain Relief to our Patients



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For achieving pain relief &
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Individual Attention

live monitoring by physios during 1:1 sessions


Scientific Exercises

recognized by International Journal of Physiotherapy


4000+ Exercises

in our app which you get access to as per your plan


Total Comfort

and flexibility of session timings scheduling



treatment plan according to root cause of your pain


100% Savings

in travel time and money

Scientifically Proven Methodology

Results from our research paper published in the International Journal of Physiotherapy


Average reduction in pain experienced per participant


Users Found Fix Health cost-effective


Users took treatment without disturbing their daily routines


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250+ Conditions Treated
Knee PainShoulder PainBack PainAnkle and Foot PainNeck Pain
Knee Pain
Knee Pain
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ACL Tear

+17 Conditions
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Our Process
How do we cure your pain
Step 1
Medical History
Medical HistoryPhysio enquires about the origin of pain
Step 2
Clinical Examination
Clinical ExaminationPhysio makes you do guided movements to identify the root cause of pain
Step 3
Medical Reports
Medical ReportsPhysio matches the findings with MRI, CT Scans & Blood reports
Step 4
Personalized Treatment
Personalized TreatmentPhysio educates about the reason of the pain using 3D Tech. & creates a personalized treatment plan
Step 5
Physio-supervised Exercises
Physio-supervised ExercisesOur dedicated physio will sit with you one-on-one on a daily basis to guide you through your exercise plan and ensure you're on track to achieve your health objectives
Don't just take our word for it

1 lakh+Sessions

9.6/10Avg. Rating
Patient Success Stories
Ajay Singhal
100% recovered in 21 Days

“I was unable to move my hands because my Shoulder restricted the motion . Since the problem was during covid-19 ,I was searching for treatment online and then I found Fix Health and started treatment with them. It took me only 10 sessions to recover from this . The physios are very cooperating and bringing this online is a win-win situation for both (the patient and the Physiotherapists)”

Ajay SinghalLogistic Business Owner (Shoulder Pain Patient)
Dinaz Vandrewala
90% Recovery in 30 Days

"I had pain in my neck, which aggravated during the lockdown due to increased household work. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who gave me medicines for 20 days but the pain didn’t go away. Then I came across this online treatment, and in 13 days of starting my treatment, my pain was completely gone. The doctors delivered the results that they had promised me."

Dinaz VandrewalaHomemaker (Neck Pain Patient)
Abhishek Kumar
80% Recovery in 60 Days

I had a meniscus tear and thought won't be able to run again. While searching for physiotherapy, I found the online treatment and decided to start. Doing exercises under supervision helped me in recovering faster and now I am able to sit , walk , jog etc . It was completely worth the money.

Abhishek KumarBangalore (Knee Pain Patient)
Rajendra Raut
100% recovered in 36 days

"I visited multiple clinics for my Frozen shoulder, even bought the machines at my home. But I still couldn’t move my hand to even pull my seat belt. The amount of attention and care has been a life transforming experience for me"

Rajendra RautHR Head, Jade Global( Frozen Shoulder Patient )
Prashant Khandekar
85% recovered in 30 days

"To manage my pain, I was advised to take medicines and a few injections by a doctor, but there were side-effects. I haven't taken any since I started my treatment. The doctors were really positive and it helped me stay motivated. Be it COVID or not, I would now prefer online physiotherapy because it saves a lot of travel."

Prashant KhandekarDeputy Commissioner of Municipal Administration (Shoulder Pain Patient)
Revati Naidu
80% Recovery in 40 Days

"I had a ligament tear and thought won't be able to run again. I found the online treatment well planned and it saves a lot of travel time which helped me stay regular. Doing exercises under supervision is a must for proper results. It is completely worth the money."

Revati NaiduChartered Accountant (Knee Pain Patient)
Sabhapathy Iyer
100% recovered in 45 days

"I strained my shoulder while pulling my bag from cabin in a flight last year. I didn't pay any attention and it turned into Frozen shoulder. The doctor was very encouraging. By the 15th session the recovery became very fast"

Sabhapathy IyerChartered Accountant( Frozen Shoulder Patient )
Prashant Gulalkari
90% Recovery in 20 Days

"After a week of work from home, I had severe nerve compression in my neck. I searched for help online & found the solution. I was surprised how they correctly diagnosed my problem without touch. I took live video sessions for 12 days and now have recovered 90%."

Prashant GulalkariVice President - Persistent (Neck Pain Patient)
Mridula Shrivastava
90% Recovery in 30 Days

"I was given medicines but got no relief for my pain. The whole treatment is so well-planned and organized, that it gave me relief purely through exercises. Physio explains every exercise till we get it correct. Sessions started on time without any waiting, hence I would prefer online treatment as it saves travelling and has better results."

Mridula ShrivastavaHomemaker (Back Pain Patient)
Aishwarya Peshwe
80% Recovery in 30 Days

I thought I had a migraine for a long time. Having been in pain for 7-8 years to being pain-free in one month I and my family are really happy with the progress. The doctors noticed every small detail in my movements which others might miss in a video consultation.

Aishwarya PeshweLawyer and Bharatanatyam Dancer (Neck Pain Patient)
Dr. Rekha Khandelwal
90% Recovery in 30 Days

"I was undergoing physiotherapy for my knee. But due to Covid-19 lockdown, I couldn’t step out. I started tele physiotherapy as it was safe & I could still do all exercises under supervision of senior physiotherapist. The video and audio quality is good."

Dr. Rekha KhandelwalHOD, Ophthalmology (Knee Pain Patient)
Swarna Moorthy
90% Recovery in 40 Days

"The tools used to explain exercises & their impact were very unique. It’s not about physical presence but having the right guidance. Video sessions meant zero wait time & flexibility to book as per my time. The in-app exercise videos help recall even if I forgot the exercise."

Swarna MoorthySr. Principal Consultant Oracle (Back Pain Patient)
Soma Roychoudhury
80% Recovery in 30 Days

"I had strain in my ankle and couldn’t stand even for 15 mins. Initially, I was skeptical about the online treatment but the doctor understood my problem by just looking at the joint movements. She also explained that the problem was because of strain on my knees. Now I find online better as it saves a lot of travel time. I can now easily stand for 4 hours without any pain."

Soma RoychoudhuryHomemaker

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