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Through the course of their treatment with us, our patients become like an extended family. We know the struggles they go through in their lives daily because of the pain they suffer from. Some of them have been kind to share stories of their recoveries to motivate others suffering from chronic pain to take action and become pain free. These tales of gratitude and happiness drive us on our mission to make the world free of pain and help everyone lead a normal pain-free life!

Has anyone tried the online physiotherapy service of Fix Health? Would like to know your first-hand experience.

Sartaj Husain

Sartaj Husain

Engineer at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (2008–present)

Jul 13

I underwent an ACL and Meniscus surgery on my left knee in Delhi. I had to moved to my village after availing initial 15 days physiotherapy at concerned Hospital.

Arranging a physiotherapist in village was next to impossible for me and I started to search on internet for the possible options and came to know about YourPhysio therein.

In the starting I was skeptical about the treatment, as all consultations were going to be online and whether it will benefit me.

But after a week of consultation, I began to see changes in my knee where I got some relief from pain and developed some strength too.

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Umesh Maharaj

Umesh Maharaj

Former General Manager at Shakti Tele Venture (2005–2012)

Apr 11

Yes, very much. It was my good luck to have been associated with YourPhysio. In the early year 2020 my wife had muscle tear in right hand shoulder. All doctors advised for surgery but with no full recovery guarantee. My one of close doctor friend guided me to go for physiotherapy but with caution.

It was the peak time of pandemic COVID-19 and therefore it was not possible. I never imagined physiotherapy online will be of any use but finding no way out, started searching for online physiotherapist everywhere and to be my good luck I could find Yourphysio on google.com.

Reluctantly I approached the Yourphysio and they assured me of positive result. We were excited to see the progress just within 10 days of exercises and on completion of approximately a month my wife was completely cured.

Joya Lall

Joya Lall

TESOL from St. Marys University College, Twickenham (Graduated 2007)

Jul 5

Your Physio , post my knee cartilage-tear surgery (5th surgery in total) and fear of inability to walk again, with their professional guidance, assurance and weekly, regular Doctor reviews, has me not want to stop them and definitely recommend them to all worldwide!

They have also enabled me to not just walk, climb stairs, drive and do most asanas in Yoga, but also given me the confidence to return to my passion- Aqua Yoga and Swimming….daily! I was unable to do many Aqua-yoga strokes, even four months post my surgery. I am now doing them better than I have ever done and am actually pain-free after!

Rashmi Krishnan

Rashmi Krishnan

Former Retired Officer, Mother to two, senior citizen. (1984–2019)

Apr 22

I've been using the program since November 2021 and am still signed in, with the current one being my second extension.

They have got me walking straight and easily again, after years of difficulty due my knee pain, and a twisted muscle in my back even though I am 62 years old.

My first physiotherapist Dr Pooja Joshi, was ever so methodical, and intuitive about my needs. My current physiotherapist, Dr Saijal Mathuria, too, is very thorough and knowledgeable. I must also add, that Dr. Ritika who is the specialist devising my exercise regimen, is extremely professional, with a very high level of understanding about the layout and working of our bones and muscles, guiding the exercise regimen in the absolutely right direction.

They really prove that age doesn't mean pains and aches all the time.

SheiLaji Varghese

SheiLaji Varghese


Apr 6

I am a 70 year old medical doctor who had bilateral total knee replacement surgery (TKR) in January 2022. I registered with Your Physio and started online physio sessions soon after suture removal (about tenth day after) . I have been with them for thirty sessions and am really glad that i registered with them.

Suman Kundra

Suman Kundra


Jul 7

I had pain and swelling in my knees from past 2-3 years due to which I had difficulty in walking and climbing the stairs. After trying several doctors and physiotherapist all over delhi, I came to know about YourPhysio online. In the starting I was skeptical about the treatment, as all consultations were going to be online and whether it will benefit me.

But after a week of consultation, I began to see changes in my knee where I got some relief from pain.

I was very happy with the dedication and care with which the doctor gave the sessions. And also weekly calls were done with the senior doctor who examined my progress over the last week and guided me on the treatment that they were giving to me.

At Fix Health, we believe that the best treatment for patients are stories with a happy ending

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