Can Air Conditioning Cause Headache? Reasons & Solutions

Can Air Conditioning Cause Headache? Reasons & Solutions

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Can Air Conditioning Cause Headaches?: The Real Thing

It's a little-known fact that your air conditioner is also a large dehumidifier. It cools and actively removes the moisture from the air around you. 

In the sweltering summer afternoon, Air Conditioners are proved to be the saviour as they reduce the amount of humidity indoors. An Air Conditioner is definitely a boon but it creates a lack of moisture in the environment which in turn causes dehydration and headaches.

The answer to the very inquisitive question is yes, Air Conditioners can cause headaches. It’s not clearly proven, believe it or not, but researches show that some reasons tend to cause headaches. Even you will start believing once you read them.

A throbbing sensation can destroy a day and headaches aren’t welcomed at all by anyone. Hence, here are a few reasons for you to find that the Air Conditioner is really the cause behind your headache.

5 Reasons That Proves Air Conditioning Cause Headaches

1. Dehydration: 

It might be that your air conditioner drops the indoor temperature to a comfortable level, but at the same time it draws out humidity from the air. Getting rid of indoor mold (a type of fungus that thrives in wet environments and multiplies by dispersing small, light spores through the air) and mildew is one of the major benefits. However, this might increase the risks of dehydration as there is a lack of humidity in the air.

Moreover, as the temperature increases during the summers, the risk of dehydration is already elevated. On top of that, when the indoor environment becomes excessively dry then headaches tend to linger around. Consuming enough water would hydrate the body and it would also reduce the risk of headaches too. 

Dehydration headaches can be mild or severe as a result of the brain contracting temporarily due to fluid loss. 

However, there is a simple way to cure a dehydration headache, that is hydrating the body by consuming water or watery fluids. At least 2.7 litres of water for women and 3.7 litres is suggested by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine from any source that is either through food or any beverage.

Dehydration headaches create a pulsating sensation that gets triggered while moving, bending, or walking. Sensitive people who get affected by even a little drop in moisture are more prone to this kind of headache.

2. The Concentration of Pollutants, & Mold:

Mold (a type of fungus) and pollutants in high concentrations are widely known for being the cause of headaches. As the allergens and dust tend to stick and thrive on the AC (Air Conditioner). 

In your home, the Air Conditioner produces condensation, cools down, and releases a cool breeze all around. Your coil will still be damp while your air conditioner is running. In such conditions, mold spores can easily flourish and grow on the evaporator coil of the indoor unit. This mold, which can harm your health, can live on the Air Conditioner and spread all over your house when it runs.

Especially in people who are allergic to dust, this could cause severe headaches and might even lead to long-term disorders if not looked upon.

3. Dusty Air Filters:

Checking and replacing air filters of Air Conditioners on a regular basis plays a vital role in headaches. Air filters should be cleaned and examined every 30 to 60 days, when in regular use. If not done so there is a buildup of pollutants, debris, and dust on the air filters which is further spread throughout the home. 

4. Loudness & Noise:

An old, noisy, and unproductive Air Conditioner might be the cause of your headaches. Despite the fact that your AC might not seem loud to you, it may actually be the source of your headaches.

The old Air Conditioners are very inefficient and might be the culprit for your headache. The technological advancements help reduce the noise created by the Air Conditioner which is why they are considered more effective.

5. Contraction of Blood Vessels & Cold Air:

It may be worth turning up your temperature a few degrees. Give your head a break if it is set much lower than 20-22 degrees celsius.

Keeping your home too cool can actually cause your blood vessels in your head to contract, which is what causes headaches. It is suggested to alter and maintain the temperature as it helps in alleviating headaches.

Preventions & Cure To Such Headaches

A headache can immediately ruin a day, hence here are your brownie points that can help you recover from an irritating headache. 

1. Go for Physiotherapy: 

Physiotherapy is the most trusted and effective option to cure a headache. Air Conditioners might cause long-term severe headaches if not examined at early stages. Physiotherapy has excelled in healing severe headaches.

Physiotherapists give some ergonomic advice related to stretching that might improve the flexibility of the muscles. These exercises also strengthen the neck and scalp muscles which further reduces the strain that causes headaches. A few massages also improve blood circulation in regions where it may be deficient.

Hence, experts suggest physiotherapy actively.

Online physiotherapy would also be of great help for everyone who wants a therapeutic experience at the ease of their home. Physiotherapists work for alleviating the pain and they treat the origin and the reason behind your headache.

2. Stay Hydrated:

Hydration plays a critical role in headaches caused by Air Conditioners which is why staying hydrated is the simplest and earliest anyone can cure a headache.

3. Moderate The Temperature Around You:

Staying at a moderate temperature is so important as a change in temperatures is also responsible for headaches. Any extreme temperature might be the cause of headaches.

Final Thoughts:

Air Conditioners are definitely an effective innovation, however, some drawbacks might pose some threats. Headaches are tiring and at times they might leave us anxious for hours. It might seem bizarre to so many people that an AC can cause a headache, however, there are reasons that support this figuratively. Muscle contractions might occur due to regular use of AC, which further causes headaches. These contractions and strain cause the muscles to contract which further results in a debilitating headache. Physiotherapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment that combats headaches and even reduces their chances of occurring again.

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